HLL League 2020 – 1AD+TFB vs Team Spain

The Journey Begins

After months of preparation, and a little pre-match anxiety, 1AD’s journey into the competitive league begins with their first match, vs Team Spain.

Pre-match briefing begins before the game, the squad leaders and commander assemble. The squads wait in anticipation, a couple of the guys hit the jukebox and rile up the new guys. A little bit of fun to break the tension, it’s against comms rules, but no ones complaining. The briefing channel starts to empty, you can feel the excitement gaining momentum as the squad leaders start debriefing their squads. An eerie silence falls over local chat, it’s time to hunt and the rank and file are hungry for blood.


The tanks fire up their engines and the infantry begin their march to the objective. This is the calm before the storm; the sun shines, the birds are signing. Hell, is about to be Let Loose.


Okay, so enough of the fake journalistic narrative 😉

The game itself was tough. I don’t think anyone in the game could claim to have had an easy time. It’s no hidden fact that TFB in the Jumbo did an amazing job, I even felt somewhat sorry for the opposing armour.

Our infantry tactics were definitely working, whilst I’m not going to divulge here any details. Both when defending, and attacking, whatever happened, there was a sense of teamwork and co-ordination that you just never see in a public game.
It was great to see this side of HLL, win or lose, it feels like a completely different game.


Alright, alright. I think I’ve held off long enough. Congratulations 1AD+TFB.
1AD+TFB went to score 3-2 vs Team Spain. It was definitely a hard fought match. Team Spain were effective, and we definitely didn’t have time to relax. Well fought, everyone.

Again, congratulations to 1AD+TFB for their first victory in the League!

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  1. hell yeah, it was very good game! Well done to everyone who participated!
    … and great article Void!

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