The 101stst Assault Division is a gaming clan community founded in 2018 on the principles that military/tactical shooters ought to be played with a certain mindset, a teaching and experienced leadership in order to succeed in battles. Although, this making the constitution of the clan , something just as important is having a social environment of banter, fun and maturity.

The drive behind this gaming clan community is competitiveness, the will to become better and efficient trough teamwork and teaching as there is nothing more uplifting then winning games trough camaraderie. As aforementioned we are mainly based on/support military/tactical shooters with or without Combined arms such as Armor, Aircraft and Artillery.

“Fun - Teamwork - Victory”

Well, as per above 🙂

We’re working on it hard 🙂 mean MG does 🙂

Our Events
  • Hell Let Loose
    Friendly skirmish with Polish HLL community
    In overall good game, great turnout ..just a few things to improve
    US ArmyUS Army
    5. January 2020 - 20:00
  • Hell Let Loose
    Foy 20v20 Friendly with [TFB]
    Friendly skirmish with [TFB] Clan, Info: Battle for Foy Restriction area is half line 4. German side: - Max 20 players - 1 Tank (tiger duh) - No artillery - No Carpet bombing - No strafing runs - Full squad only unless not full - No garrison camping US Side: - Max 20 players - Tanks / None. - At Guns. As many as you can. - No Arty - No carpet bombing - No strafing runs - full squad only unless not full - 1 garrison in middle of the city that is our objective. As many as you need elsewhere. - Preparation time 20 minutes   To enlist please pm me on discord
    US ArmyUS Army
    24. November 2019 - 1800 UK / 1900 EU
  • Hell Let Loose
    Omaha Beach 50v50
    Event photoWell, we as a faction, got our back side kicked badly... as a 3 people (myself, Jack and Kash) team we've got our own little victory getting the best scores in battle and attack. Well done guys!
    17. November 2019 - 20:00
    US ArmyUS Army
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