• Hell Let Loose
    Omaha Beach 50v50
    Event photoWell, we as a faction, got our back side kicked badly... as a 3 people (myself, Jack and Kash) team we've got our own little victory getting the best scores in battle and attack. Well done guys!
    17. November 2019 - 20:00
    US ArmyUS Army
  • Hell Let Loose
    Foy 20v20 Friendly with [TFB]
    Friendly skirmish with [TFB] Clan, Info: Battle for Foy Restriction area is half line 4. German side: - Max 20 players - 1 Tank (tiger duh) - No artillery - No Carpet bombing - No strafing runs - Full squad only unless not full - No garrison camping US Side: - Max 20 players - Tanks / None. - At Guns. As many as you can. - No Arty - No carpet bombing - No strafing runs - full squad only unless not full - 1 garrison in middle of the city that is our objective. As many as you need elsewhere. - Preparation time 20 minutes   To enlist please pm me on discord
    US ArmyUS Army
    24. November 2019 - 1800 UK / 1900 EU
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