HLLTC International Cup vs 2nd INF

Three Cup games in a row, winner goes to Quarter Finals … and we’ve done it! Overall score 2:1!


1st Map of our choice was Utah Beach with WN7 as the objective . After brutal fight, we’ve managed to cap and hold it, defending enemy attack for 20 minutes… then deep flanking attack from the North wiped our Eastern OPs and whole situation turned a bit hairy as we’ve started to losing objective. Running from our garrisons, heroically we’ve re-taken control and won the battle.


2nd Map, Saint-Mere-Eglise with Artillery Battery was chosen by our opponents. After initial success in capping it, we were defending it for roughly 15 minutes … it wasn’t enough. Enemy outsmarted us with flanking attack, wiping our OPs out and setting their defenses high, successfully crushing our contra-attacks. With not much time left, all of our squads combined mass attack from North flank, pushing hard into objective. Bleeding massively, we’ve managed to get into the point but we’ve ran out of the time. Point for 2nd INF.


3rd Map turned to be Utah Beach and WN7 – again. Yet again, our opponent 2nd INF didn’t make it easy for us – initial brutal fight over WN7 took us 8 minutes to capture it. Remembering our mistakes from 1st game, our Charlie Squad took their positions on the North flank, making for enemy impossible to surprise us attacking from behind. Both Bravo and Able squads were reinforcing when needed. Defending Iron Cross turned out to be most likely crucial to the victory preventing our OPs to get wiped out and as a reason of that, didn’t stop so much needed reinforcements for squads fighting in the objective itself. Second point for us.


Want to thank everyone who participated and held reserves, very well done guys!


Also, big thanks to 2nd INF for a such great games – you’ve done very well and it was a great pleasure to play against you.

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