Introducing: 1st Company!

1st Company Joins the Front

Concise and precise call-outs, pushing deep inside enemy lines, snapshot aiming, and calm under pressure; these are just some of the many talents of 1AD’s new competitive section: 1st Company.

Our recruitment has been working overtime in the recent months and we’ve seen an amazing in-take of new members with great passion and drive. So much so in fact, we now have the opportunity to claim our stake in the competitive arena!

Training is for the Strong

Since their formation, 1st Company have been undertaking thorough and intense training to ensure that every member can trust the soldier next to them.

It’s not all pain, grit, and tears though. We understand that we’re all here to have fun at the end of the day. So every so often we let them out for a little R&R.

We Need YOU

If you’re thinking “Hey, this looks sweet I want in!” then ask yourself:
Can you handle the pain, or are you just a kitten with a rifle?
Are you prepared to suffer through the hardship for that sweet taste of victory?
If so, you could be part of 1st Company too. Join the 1AD recruitment Discord channel or, if you’re already a member, speak to a Corporal to join your comrades in glorious battle!

Going Competitive

As of the 31st of March 2020 1AD has officially joined the HLL League 2020, with friends and foes alike. 1st Company are more than prepared for the competition! We look forward to destroying meeting you on the battlefield.

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